Women and Men Full Body Waxing and more…..

The Smooth Remove

We are dedicated to smooth, hairless skin and offer a menu of waxing options in Houston for face and body for both women and men. With Beyond Beauty Boutique’s expert “waxologists”, we have waxing down to not only a science but an art form.

No need to be nervous, have apprehension or anxiety. Once you visit our ultra-personalized spa-like suite for waxing services located near the West University area and meet our exceptional, licensed technicians, you will feel at ease about waxing!

Whether you are looking to keep your brows properly maintained in tip-top shape, attempting to go high-cut bikini-clad, or stripping right down to your birthday suit, Beyond Beauty Boutique uses 100% natural formulas providing a world-class experience with superior smooth results for both women and men. Exclusive organic minerals and the finest ingredients in the market are applied in our professional, yet comfortable spa-like suite. Beyond Beauty Boutique’s promise is consistency, quality product, and of course, your ultimate clean canvas.

First-class service in our comfy, upscale suite is a priority. Our pros- skilled aestheticians are as gentle as possible. No pain. Quick. Easy. We instantly grant you head-to-toe beauty, systematically groomed, styled and pruned to perfection!

If your a man, and you’ve been shaving your body parts including Chest, Legs, Back and hands with Razors – you absolutely have to give waxing a shot. After a Men waxing Session with Beyond Beauty Boutique your hair will not grow for at least a month and eventually, it will become more and more thinner and more invisible. This applies to our female guests too!

After your waxing session, your skin will feel smooth, rehabilitated and ready for a fresh start.

Wax on. Wax off.

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Face Waxing

  • Eyebrows
  • Nose
  • Lip
  • Cheeks/ Beard Outline
  • Chin
  • Full Face/ Scalp
  • Combination

Body Waxing

  • Underarms
  • Back or Chest
  • Upper/Lower Arms
  • Upper/Lower Legs
  • Bikini/High Bikini
  • Full Brazilian/ Manzilian
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“Blush Buff” Vajacials

Blush Buff Benefits at Beyond Beauty Boutique:

  • Relieves ingrown hairs and blackheads
  • Visbily clearer and smoother skin
  • Prevents acne formation
  • Removes dead skin cells
  • Improves circulation and skin elasticity
  • Brightens hyperpigmentation
  • Boost of hygienic confidence
  • Can be done on other body parts affected by ingrown hair: underarms, buttocks, etc

If you do get a vajacial, make sure it’s legit. Dr. Loanzon, featured in Cosmopolitan magazine, says you should only let a certified aesthetician perform the treatment and make sure product is only applied to the hair-baring areas. Here at Beyond Beauty Boutique, all persons are licensed by the state of Texas and licensure information can be checked on TDLR.

What to expect? The treatment consists of a few simple steps, take a look at our blog about our Blush Buff vajacial treatment HERE.

Vajacials are not only a great stress reliever, but also a great way to show yourself the very best in self-care. Just as you book your monthly Mani/Pedi you should book your vajacial. If you’re ready to experience your first (or next) Blush Buff at Beyond Beauty Boutique, give us a call and book now.

Don’t forget to purchase your after care BBB Blush Buff products for at-home maintenance!

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Our specialty is lightning speed techniques, painless methods, efficiency, and sophisticated smooth! It is what keeps our clientele coming back each month and separates us from competitors. We pride ourselves on riveting testimonials and continual reoccurring success! Beyond Beauty Boutique has developed the right balance for sensitive skin and removing not just hair, but most of the “Ouch! factor” out of waxing!

Your skin is left nourished and extra soft eliminating redness, bumps, and other unsightly conditions that are often associated with typical salon waxing. Beyond Beauty Boutique’s name is simply a signature in smooth!

How to Prepare for Your Intimate Waxing Service!

How to Prepare for Your Brazilian/ Manzilian Wax

Say Bonvage to Itchy Hair, and Bonjour to Smooth Skin!

  • Please shower before your appointment.  A warm or hot shower can help relax your skin and open up your pores for an easier waxing service. No matter what area you are getting waxed, check the area for cuts, inflammation, broken skin or a rash. You may want to delay your wax as this could aggravate these issues. We also provide warm wet wipes if showering beforehand is not an option.
  • Prep Your Skin.  At least 24 hours prior to your wax, exfoliate the skin to ensure dead skin cells are removed and all hair breaks through the skin. If you are already using our After Wax Care solution, then you would already be prepping the skin with chemical exfoliation.
  • Wear Loose-Fitting Clothing. Prep your outfit the night before. Loose-fitting clothing can give your skin a chance to breathe and reduce moisture.
  • Appropriate Hair length. To get the best results from your waxing service, your hair should be at least ¼ inch long (the length of a grain of rice) at the time of your appointment. We also ask you to wait for at least 2-weeks after shaving or other hair removal services to lower your discomfort level. We discourage shaving between sessions to avoid coarser hair and chafed skin!
  • Watch TV.  Have a Conversation. No worries—it really doesn’t hurt that much. Try deep breaths before you come in to relax the body or you can ask about our various distractions that we provide so that you can have the most comfortable experience with us. Trust us, we want you to become one of our long-time guests, so we always provide the best experience and the most comfortable environment!
  • What to expect. In some areas you’ll hardly flinch; other areas result in a bit of an extra pang – but either way, it’s over in about TWO SECONDS. Our experienced therapists work in small sections and press down on the skin immediately after pulling off the wax strip to dull the pain. Every wax after the first one gets easier, this is due to the weakening of the follicle after repeated hair waxing. This means an easier return visit every time you get your awesome experience!
  • Avoid Triggers of Pain.  Avoid alcohol, caffeine, and exercise before your wax. These things increase the circulation of blood which can increase discomfort. Feel free to also take your pain reliever of choice (avoid aspirin) to help alleviate any discomfort you may have at least 30-minutes before your service.
  • Waxing 101: Smoother Results. Experiencing mild discomfort is worth the end result of clean, smooth skin for at least 3 to 4 weeks. We look forward to seeing you!
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