Microchanneling for Hair Growth

If you are suffering from hair loss – whether you are a man or a woman – it has probably dealt a devastating blow to your self-confidence. And, if you are like most people trying to regrow hair, you may have also tried countless over-the-counter hair regrowth products without much luck.

The good news is that Microchanneling, a new, non-surgical, hair restoration treatment is now available and actually works to stop hair loss and help regrow hair. These treatments use Stem Cells, Light Therapy, and Microchanneling. As leaders in medical hair loss treatments, we offer Stem Cell hair regrowth at our Houston MedSpa.

For some people, hair growth supplements, hair regrowth shampoos, and even laser light devices may not be sufficient to regrow hair. While Rogaine (Minoxidil) is beneficial for some people, it does not work on all types or locations of hair loss. Further, oral medications, such as Propecia, can have serious side effects, including a decrease in your sex drive, problems with ejaculation, breast tenderness, and other complications.

Hair loss is a common problem that affects men and women alike, leaving them feeling self-conscious when their hair begins to thin or fall out. Many things, including genetics, stress, and illness can contribute to hair loss. No matter the reason for your hair loss, however, PepFactor therapy may be able to help you regrow your hair.