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Non-Invasive Face and Body Therapies

Your body is beautiful, and you should feel beautiful in it. At Beyond Beauty Boutique, we believe that invasive, painful procedures should never stand between you and the body that makes you feel as wonderful as you are.

Imagine a solution that works for you, that is completely painless, and which is only a fraction of the cost of plastic surgery. Painless, affordable procedures that can give you the confidence you deserve are ​here​.

Beyond Beauty Boutique is proud to offer therapies that are tailored for you and your lifestyle. We stand behind our therapies that require no surgeries, no needles, no cuts, no bruising, no healing, and no stress!

Body Contouring Services

3D Laser Lipo Fat Elimination Therapies

The FDA approved Laser Lipo as a laser treatment to remove fat in May 2015. During a 25-minute treatment, lasers target fat cells and heat them to a temperature that damages their structure. Cooling mechanisms are employed to make sure that your skin is not damaged. While you might feel a warming sensation during the treatment, it is not generally not considered painful. With Beyond Beauty Boutique, you can rest assured that we’re getting you the best results, painlessly, and at an amazing cost!


​Buttocks Lift and Enhancement Vacuum Therapy

This pain-free method of fat and cellulite neutralization utilizes methods of massage that are not only painless, but they also leave you feeling relaxed and re-sculpted!


3D Lipo Cavitation and RF Skin Tightening Therapies

This therapy has been tested and is scientifically proven to reduce inches from your waistline and add shape to your phys

ique. With Beyond Beauty Boutique, you can rest assured that we’re getting you the best results, painlessly, and at an amazing price!


​PressoTherapy, Body Wrap Contouring, Wood Therapy/Maderoterapia and Infrared Sauna 

These various nonsurgical body contouring treatments are great for detoxifying the body to fat loss and reducing the look of cellulite.

A combination or for independent use are frequently recommended for:

  • The treatment of cellulite

  • Slimming and detoxifying. A safe alternative to liposuction

  • Body shaping and profiling

  • Relieving pain and swelling, and providing immediate comfort

  • Redefining the legs, stomach, and arms, while enhancing skin tone

  • Lymphatic drainage for a thorough removal of waste and toxins from the body

Whole Body Vibration Therapy 

This therapy allows the client to experience a further reduction in cellulite and stimulate collagen production for smoother skin. Ten minutes on this machine is equal to doing 1 hour of exercise. This painless therapy simply utilizes vibrations throughout the body to stimulate and work the tissues so fat isn’t retained in problem areas. No more agonizing when diet and exercises just can’t seem to reach those spots! Best used after any non-invasive treatment to augment your results and speed the waste removal through an improved lymphatic flow. This treatment can be booked separately or with a body contouring service to augment your results.

`LED Light Therapy

This chromotherapy treatment for your skin uses narrow-band, non-thermal LED technology to trigger natural processes within the body to accelerate the rejuvenation and repair of skin cells! Defy aging entirely with this miracle therapy. Used in conjunction with non-invasive therapies, it packs a powerful punch!

This treatment can be booked separately or booked with your body contouring treatment to increase the most beneficial outcome of your services.

We just know that when you visit us, you’ll see what sets us apart from other wellness spas and clinics:

  • We are committed to providing a soothing, welcoming environment where you can feel comfortable and relaxed.
  • We view each visit from our patients as opportunities to grow a relationship with you and are happy to provide whatever you need.
  • We love surprising our clients with offers, items and deals that will delight them. We’ll be sure to wow you on your first visit.
  • We’re completely transparent and are dedicated to communicating honestly and openly with our clients so they can always be assured that we’ll never try to upsell or hide pricing and fees.
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