Thanksgiving, Kwanzaa, Christmas, Hannukah and New Year’s celebrations are all about light, the gathering of loved ones, memories, and sharing great food.  But the stress and exhaustion of the holiday season can make you ill.

The causes are myriad. Simply being indoors, and in close contact with lots of people, may allow bacteria and viruses—the kind which cause colds and flu—to proliferate.  Then there’s pure fatigue, which lowers the immune system. Snagging bargains, popping champagne and cider, and whipping up batches of rich fudges can really take it out of you, even when it’s fun.

“Fun” may not even be fun during the holidays.  A good number of people experience the holiday blues during the happiest season.

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Essential Oils!

“Fun” may not even be fun during the holidays.  A good number of people experience the holiday blues during the happiest season.

Essential aromatherapy oils to the rescue! One of the easiest ways to enjoy the aroma therapeutic benefits of essential oils is in the shower. If you purchase aromatherapy candles, or purchase the oils themselves, read your labels carefully and be sure to purchase only products which feature 100% USDA certified organic essential oils. A good deal of perfumed products claim aromatherapy and the benefits of essential oils, but if they’re made with synthetic fragrance, they’re fake.

The Power of Nature from the Life Force of the Plant.

To keep your energy up this holiday season, check out these traditional uses for essential oils:

CINNAMON: Warming and spicy. Reputed to balance blood sugar (always good when there’s feasting!), and to attract wealth and abundance.

BERGAMOT: Citrusy, clean, sharp aroma. Believed to help you release control-issues, develop trust, and surrender to the moment.

ROSE: Sparks romantic passion, but also opens the heart to forgiveness and unconditional love—much-needed at family gatherings.

PEPPERMINT: A stimulating, tongue-tingling, sparkling holiday favorite. Reputed to ease motion sickness, and calm the fear of travel.

LAVENDER: Deeply relaxing, floral yet earthy. Reputed to support the body’s self-repair of tissues which have been bruised or burned. Calming and centering, reputed to create a sense of security and grounding.

GERANIUM: Refreshing, energizing, herbal, “green” scent. Reputed to ease swelling and the symptoms of PMS. Also used to release negative memories and fear of abandonment.

At Beyond Beauty Boutique, will use various aromatherapy oils to encourage harmony and synergy for our Guests for the New Year and beyond!