1. Postpartum Treatments that Help Celeb Moms Bounce Back

    I’m sure on social media it seems like every day you’re hearing about another peer or celebrity pregnancy then witnessing it all unfold as they document the experience.  Among the many concerns shared among a majority of soon-to-be moms alongside the health of their baby and establishing their new normal is their postpartum body.   “How much weight will I gain? Will I get stretch marks…Read More

  2. Keeping the “Happy” in Happy Holidays

    Thanksgiving, Kwanzaa, Christmas, Hannukah and New Year’s celebrations are all about light, the gathering of loved ones, memories, and sharing great food.  But the stress and exhaustion of the holiday season can make you ill. The causes are myriad. Simply being indoors, and in close contact with lots of people, may allow bacteria and viruses—the kind which cause colds and flu—to prolifera…Read More

  3. Welcome to Our World of Relaxation and Rejuvenation!

    Before going to a spa, take the time to do some research; just because your BFF endorses one or two and she swears by them, doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re a good fit for you and your needs. Getting the most out of your experience is what really counts. Here are some tips for the spa newbie or the spa savvy. 1. Not all spas are created equally. Know the differences and every bit of minut…Read More